Hello, World!

Hello, Everyone.

This is the first time I posting something about this sub site

Initially I created this sub site as a joke for the community
but, because somehow i like this site I made
I decided to continue developing this site
because I had fun while developing it
and also to practice my skills in programming

I also realize that this site has a lot of copyright stuff
Therefore, I have no plans to fill this site with adsense
at least, not when the copyrighted stuff is still here

That's all for now, will add about us and the honorable sources later
and will also add changelog later


Hello, Everyone.

This is about us panel

Well, I've been off for a couple days now
So I think it's better to fill this panel here as a contact form

It's the way you guys (the visitor) to contact me
I just called it as 'feedback' for no spesial reason

and also, will I add changelog later?
Maybe, if this project keep going

max 485 char

_ x

Gawr Gura Playlist

  1. Fly Me To The Moon
  2. Baka Mitai
  3. Cruel Angel Thesis
  4. Stay with Me
  5. Stay with Me (Acoustic)
  6. Plastic Love
  7. Silhouette
  8. Stressed Out
  9. Memories
  10. Still Into You
  11. I'm Yours (Ukulele)
  12. Country Roads
  13. Country Roads (Acoustic)
  14. When I'm Gone
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